Julia King

Dream Ambassador


An Attunement to your Sacred Essence Self 

Quantum waves are about accessing and becoming extra-ordinary states of consciousness beyond 3rd-4th dimensional awareness. Evolving and spontaneous presentation of matrixes, morphogenic fields, magnetic fields and nano-fields beyond our usual frame of reference for complete healing, transformation, awakening and enlightenment. 

The quantum is a place of many possibilities and potentials in the now.  The NOW is our place of personal and galactic empowerment.  Quantum waves via quantum light weaving allows the direct experience of ‘letting go’ and releasing old energetic habits and gives you a  sense of what it is like to BE.  Receiving ‘the wave’ means to accept, embody and express all that you are. The wave clears and it is not separate from you. You are this wave of love, light, consciousness, knowledge, and divine harmony.

Self-sufficiency, self-responsibility, self-creation and self-empowerment are encouraged and are of the heart, mind and spirit.  Quantum waves assist to develop trust, faith and intuition as unconscious resistance, fear and doubt are cleared at the core. 

Waves for specific conditions at any level or general waves for oneness connection, I AM connection, peace and serenity, joy and bliss, soul embodiment, release from fear, doubt, insecurities, phobias and procrastination or anything  that no longer serves you.   

In person or distant sessions are available.  Trained by QL  founder Kenji Kumara.