Discover your inner treasures and transform your life!


 1st Sunday of each month 

The Center for Sacred Living

210 Little Lake Drive, #7

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

11:00 am  - 1:00 pm


All true shamanic practitioners and healers are dreamers. Active dreaming is a synthesis of dream work and modern shamanism. The current popularity of shamanism is referred to by some as the modern mysticism movement.  There are very few real shamans on the planet though many people seem to be  claiming the title.

During monthly meet-ups, we will explore night dreams, day dreams, journeying for dreams, dream games, dream theater, dream guides, dream draught, dream fragments, nightmares, hypnogogia (the in-between time where you are just falling asleep and just waking up) and more.

We will learn the Lightning Dream Game - created by Robert Moss - to share dreams

in a sacred space where you are your own inner dream authority. I will share many shamanic healing processes from a variety of traditions that I have explored. You have the potential to see how the world and nature reflects your dreaming back  in synchronicity and coincidence.  

I look forward to dreaming with you!

Bring drums, rattles, a journal, and a sacred item for group altar.

RSVP [email protected]

or text (727)488-5504