Julia King

Dream Ambassador


Please join us  


 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Contact for Location 
St. Petersburg, Florida


Active dreaming is a synthesis of dream work and modern shamanism. The current popularity of shamanism is referred to by some as the modern mysticism movement.  

During monthly circles, we will explore night dreams, day dreams, journeying for dreams, dream games, dream theater, dream guides, dream draught, dream fragments, nightmares, hypnogogic states and more.

We will use the  Lightning Dream Process - created by Robert Moss - to share dreams

in a sacred space where you are your own inner dream authority. I will be sharing  energetic processes for enhancing tuning in to the present moment and theta state to receive. You have the potential to see how the world and nature reflects your dreaming back  in synchronicity and coincidence.  

Make beautiful dreams!

Bring drums, rattles, a journal, favorite pen
Optional: item for group altar.