Julia King

Dream Ambassador

Shamanic Dreaming

“Do not feel lonely, 

the entire universe is inside you.”  ~ Rumi

Research reveals that the average person spends the amount of time dreaming that equals 6-8 years of life!  We all dream 3 to 9 dreams a night though may not recall.  

There are lots of dream interpretation books and people with specific beliefs that would love to tell you what your dreams mean.   Only you can interpret your own dreams and know what the symbols mean for you.  A way to honor another's  dream is after they tell you their dream, if you have something to say, you can begin with  if it where my dream………  People are loving this different approach. Yes, take consul on the symbols yet you be your own inner authority.

Dreaming and remembering our dreams is some of the most important work we have to do on the planet at this time.  It is the most basic of soul work.  It has been honored on the planet since ancient temple days.  Did you know that the first hospitals where dream temples?  

 Many people, from all walks of life are waking up to the power of dreams and are 'healing the web of dreaming'.  In some cultures there are people who consider this their life work and purpose.   I have heard people say when asked what they do; I watch the bridge between worlds,   and my mission is to melt the ice of the heart of man.  

The time is NOW to tune in instead of seeking our answers from outside of ourselves. What would happen if we listened to our own hearts?  Let the path between your waking state and your  dream state be open. Treasures await you.  

 As a Dream Ambassador, I would love to share this expansive and empowering process with you.

 ✨🌙 ✨ Remember Your Dreams    ✨🌙 ✨   

Dream a Dream into Being  


✨🌙✨  Sweet Dreams✨🌙 ✨

Some of my favorite Dream Books:

The Secret History of Dreaming /and all books by ~ Robert Moss          

The Nature of Personal Reality and  Seth Speaks - Seth / Jane Roberts                                      

The Practice of Dream Healing ~ Edward Tick, PhD

Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill ~ Jeremy Taylor

Dream Power ~ Dr. Ann Faraday

The Art of Dreaming ~ Carlos Castaneda

'Every great dream begins with a dreamer. 

Always remember, you have within you 

the strength, the patience, and the passion 

to reach for the stars to change the world'.  

~ Harriet Tubman