Julia King

Dream Ambassador

Your energy field holds a wealth of information and detail that is available to you for your awareness and transformation.  Consultations :

Chakra and Aura Energy Scan

Guided Meditation and Healing 

Female Energy Healing

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Crystals and Elixirs are not included with the consultations if they are recommended.

'The actual essence...is the electromagnetic pattern of the plant form...[and are] merely an etheric imprint; nothing physical gets transferred...you are dealing strictly with the ethereal vibration of the plant, the intelligence of it. The sun striking the water melds into the water the life-force of the flower, and this is transferred to people when they assimilate these vibrational essences.'
                                                                                   ~  Gurudas, Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing

'Your power animal represents the entire species of the animal that is protecting and helping you.  For example, you don't have the spirit of a specific eagle, kangaroo or squirrel protecting you.  Rather, you have the protection of the spirit of the entire species of eagle, kangaroo, or squirrel.'                                                                                            ~ Sandra Ingerman on power animals

'Gemstones are the strongest, most concentrated containers of the healing force, or life force, on this planet. Once people know how to unleash and use this healing energy, they will make huge advances in the field of medicine and in other healing arts, as well as in their own spiritual growth.' 
                                                                         ~ Guardian of Aquamarine, Gem Stone Guardians

Illustration: Heart Chakra by Mara Friedman/ Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot