Julia King

Dream Ambassador

Active Dreaming  Course 

Are you interested in dreams and dreaming?   Would you like to be a dream-catcher? Would you like to develop your ability to choose more carefully between possible futures by learning the art of  kairomancy and  navigate by synchronicity?

Active Dreaming is a synthesis of dream work and modern day shamanism founded by Robert Moss. I learned from working with Robert that when we honor our dreams, we remember more of them.  

Next series beginning March 2017 - Details coming soon

  • Module 1   (pre-requisite to other modules)

Introduction to Lightning Dream Work

We dream in many ways, and any dream may contain multiple levels of meaning.  So to unfold the guidance of our dreams, and help others with their dreams, we need to master a range of techniques.  There are many approaches to dreams, and all may have something to offer provided they honor the dreamer as the final authority on his or her dream.  In this foundation class, we will learn a simple process for sharing a dream and receiving non-intrusive feedback and guidance toward action.  We will introduce the nine keys for unlocking the insight of energy of our dreams.

  • Module 2

Dream Re-Entry and Tracking

Dreams are real experiences, and the full meaning of a dream may be inside the dream itself- the dream experience, as opposed to the memory of the dream, which may be garbled or fragmentary.  Dream Re-entry is the cure for nightmare terrors.  Going back into a dream is also one of the easiest ways to become a conscious dreamer and embark on adventures in dream travel.  

  • Module 3

Dreaming the Future

In dreams, we are all gifted psychics.  we meet our romantic partners in dreams months, even years, before meeting them in waking life (though we may not realize what is going on).  Every night in our dreams, we see future events, large and small.  This gives us a wonderful opportunity to rehearse for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  If we learn to check for precognitive elements in our dreams and to clarify our dream information, we develop a powerful navigational guidance system for everyday life.  If we learn to take appropriate action to honor our dreams, we may be able to change the future for the better, for ourselves and others.  

  • Module 4

Dreaming with the Departed

In dreaming, we have natural communication with the departed and travel into their realm.  Dream encounters with our departed loved ones can bring blessed closure and healing.  Sometimes the departed have important, life-helping messages for us.  Sometimes they need help or guidance from us to deal with unfinished business and move on to higher planes.  

  • Module 5

Dreaming with Spiritual Guides

Dreaming, we have a direct line to the sacred, and through the dreamgates we encounter our authentic spiritual teachers in a larger reality.  Sometimes this leads individual dreamers to align themselves with a specific tradition; sometimes it leads them away from it.  Dreaming, we find ourselves in contact with the sprits of the land where we live, with our own ancestors, and with our larger spiritual family - and counterparts - in dimensions that transcend space and time.  

  • Module 6

Dreams of Healing

In night dreams, we have access to a personal doctor who makes house calls, provides an impeccable diagnosis of our physical, emotional and spiritual condition, and doesn’t charge a cent.  Even better, our dreams offer us imagery we can use for self-healing and recovery.  We can even learn to grow dream images to help others through the powerful Dream Transfer Technique. 


Facilitated by Julia King, Active Dream Teacher, Nomadic Adventuress and lover of the mystical. Explorer of cross cultural shamanism for over 20 years. Munay-Ki facilitator. Trained Lightweaver / ordained by Kenji Kumara.  Member of SHES ~ Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, Society for Shamanic Practice and Tree Sisters.  

‘In the language of ancient Egypt, a dream (rswt) is both an awakening and a place.  When we close our ordinary eyes, our eye of vision opens.  When we go dreaming, we travel to other places - perhaps to other times or other dimensions - and /or receive visitations from other travelers.  From this ancient perspective, dreams are not just things that bubble up from the personal subconscious when we sleep; they are places we go and experiences in which we awaken to realities that may be more, not less, ‘real’ than everyday physical existence’. Robert Moss